Thursday, 23 May 2019

Bob Seger Twitter Showcase

On the internet, people discuss and share information about the legendary American rock singer
Bob Seger. One platform where this occurs is on the social media website Twitter. I decided to
compile a collection of Twitter posts about Bob Seger from the last ten years categorised into
different topics. It was probably in 2009 when Twitter exploded into the public consciousness. Even if
you don’t use Twitter or aren’t familiar with it, you can still read this post. These Twitter posts known
as tweets are a message of 280 characters or less, some of which have a photo as well. They have
been grouped into different topics which include his songs, his use of piano, his skills as a
singer/songwriter, live performances, photos and more. Some topics are grouped in sequential order
of the tweets while others are sub-grouped. Let’s begin.    


Live Performances

As I like piano in rock music, I wanted to feature some tweets about piano in Bob Seger’s songs. I
have written an article ‘Ten Great Bob Seger Songs by Ten Different Piano Players’ about this.

Elton John
Due to my liking of piano in rock music, I’m also a fan of the world’s most successful rock pianist
Elton John. I have written an article ‘Elton John & Bob Seger Live in Concert’ imagining them
performing together. I like Bob Seger & Elton John put together so I wanted to feature some tweets
of that here.


Runnin’ Against The Wind
These are two tweets covering running with Bob Seger. The first person is from Canada and the
second person is from Belgium, home of the Tintin comics which is a topic I’ve written about in this

The Whole Wide World
The section deals with Bob Seger’s music being listened in or connected with places all over the
world. The heading is a reference to a lyric in the title track of his most recent album “I Knew You
When” (2017).

We’re beginning with places in Bob Seger’s native United States. The Blue Ridge Mountains are an
important landmark in the US State of Virginia. The author of this tweet must have been seeing into
the future as Bob Seger’s latest album “I Knew You When” featured one track called “Blue Ridge
about these mountains. I had written an article giving news about this album in 2016 before it came
out which as of this writing is my most successful blog post ever. Back to the song, it is one of the
best songs on the album. It brings in the new element of steel drums not heard before in Bob’s
music, while maintaining his special signature American rock sound. It has a very good melody &
singing and features lead guitar from Bob  himself.

This is a beautiful picture of the Barstow, California mountains. Interestingly, it looks similar to the
mountains on the cover of his 1994 “Greatest Hits” album (see image below).

We’re now going into the US’s neighbour up north which is just next to Bob Seger’s hometown of
Detroit. This page from Peterborough, Canada is referencing “We’ve Got Tonight” relating to the
weather. The best weather they are referring to in their day is 0 degrees Celsius which is freezing
temperature. Most of the following tweets in this section won’t have comments by me but are
specifically grouped and ordered based on location. Now we’ll be going beyond North America.

This is one of my own tweets where I’m connecting Bob Seger to my country Sri Lanka.


This is a tweet from the Official Bob Seger Twitter account in 2017 about Bob Seger & the Silver
Bullet Band’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame which they received in March 1987.

I’m into Sci-Fi and wanted to feature some tweets mixing Bob Seger with Sci-Fi. The posts below
connect to the previous tweet about Bob’s 1975 song “Katmandu”. Both Bob Seger and the song
were referenced in the 2016 Marvel superhero film “Doctor Strange”. Doctor Strange is a good,
entertaining film that I enjoyed watching. While “Doctor Strange” does have Fantasy elements, it also
has Sci-Fi elements so it does count as a Sci-Fi film. It’s also worth noting that Bob Seger has a
parallel with “Doctor Strange”, as one of his most popular albums is called “Stranger in Town”. Below
are a few tweets about the Bob Seger reference in “Doctor Strange”.

I’m a Star Trek fan and I’ve noticed that Bob Seger looks like Commander William T. Riker from “Star
Trek: The Next Generation”. They matched most prominently in the early 90s with Bob’s then looks
and Commander Riker’s role on the TV show. I’m posting an image I took below of their
resemblance. Following that is a tweet about this.

All The Rest
This features the last remaining tweets with the first one being about an induction of Bob Seger
followed by two tweets of Bob’s music tied into day to day life.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of Bob Seger Twitter posts. I focused on important aspects of his
music and also brought in other interests of mine tied to Bob Seger. I’m pleased that I was able to
bring in all the key S topics of my blog which are Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band, Songs, Sri
Lanka, Sci-Fi and Star Trek in this post. To the world, keep tweeting about Bob Seger.
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