Friday, 14 July 2017

Bob Seger Pinball Game

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I’m writing this post about an online pinball game recently released. The game came out in June 2017 to celebrate Bob Seger’s music joining music streaming services. It is a Bob Seger Pinball Game hosted on his Official Site.

When it comes to simple online games I usually find them fun, but rarely play them as gaming isn’t an interest of mine. However, a game such as this based on one of my favourite singers drew me in. It was a special experience to see an online game featuring Bob Seger graphics.

I’m aiming to give exposure to this game and by extension Bob Seger’s music. I hope that it will continue to be played by both Bob Seger fans and others, especially those into online games. I’m hoping someone who isn’t familiar with Bob Seger’s music who enjoys playing this game, will get curious about Bob Seger’s music and can discover his music via the selection currently available in streaming services. The game page ( has the ‘Bob Seger Best Of’ Playlist on Spotify that people can listen to. The playlist features my favourite Bob Seger song, the overlooked ‘Even Now’ which was a Number 12 US hit in 1983.   

I’d be interested to hear if you’re someone who discovered or re-discovered Bob Seger's music through this game and songs of his you enjoy listening to. I thought I’d say that as of this writing, my name is at Number 9 on the Scoreboard. This game is challenging, but fun. Enjoy playing Bob Seger Pinball!  

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