Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The S Blog One Year On

It was one year ago in mid January 2016 that I launched my blog with the post ‘My fears and hopes for Star Trek Beyond’. My most recent post was ‘Opportunities for Sri Lanka After Recent Disappointments’ at the end of last year. This post is a reflection of my blog in the year that is passed as well as sharing some plans for the future of it. The title ‘The S Blog One Year On’ is a reference to my article ‘Impact of the 19th Amendment One Year On’ where I evaluated the impact of the 19th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution a year after it occurred.

The header of my blog is “The S Blog deals with the interests of a Sri Lankan abroad and is called The S Blog due to the many S topics covered. They include Star Trek, Science Fiction, Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, Sri Lanka, Songs and even other non S topics.” I have written about every S topic on the list, although I haven’t yet written about Science Fiction that isn’t Star Trek. I intend to write a non Star Trek Science Fiction post at some stage.

I will now show an image of words I’ve used in my 12 blog posts of 2016 created using the site https://Tagul.com.
Asela Atukorala

As of this writing, the post with the lowest views (60) is my review of Star Trek Beyond and the post with the highest views (357) is ‘News of Bob Seger’s Upcoming Album I Knew You When’ where I was discussing Bob Seger’s upcoming album. It pleases me that many Bob Seger fans interested in the topic have discovered that article by searching it on the internet. In fact, when searching ‘Bob Seger I Knew You When’ in Google, my article on the subject is the first result.

My favourite singers are Bob Seger and Elton John, and I do like Piano in Rock music in the the Classic Rock style. One article I wrote ‘Toto Tribute Album’ was an imaginary tribute album to Rock band Toto by big names in Classic Rock and I included Bob Seger and Elton John together as imagining them doing a duet of Rosanna.

I have a great interest in my country Sri Lanka, and hope to see it really improve. On Sri Lankan topics I write about in this blog, I will be writing about Sri Lankan matters I’m into, give my thoughts & analysis on political affairs and share ideas that I feel will benefit & improve Sri Lanka. As I have a planned trip to Sri Lanka in May, this trip will give me lots of information on Sri Lanka to write about. I’m waiting for this trip as it’s been three years since I was last in Sri Lanka.

As for the future of this blog, I intend to feature the same type of posts I’ve done so far as well as different types of posts and on issues I haven’t written on so far. I did write the post ‘Showcasing Sri Lanka from Google Street View’ where I embedded scenes of Sri Lanka from Google Street View and plan to feature Google Street View posts for other parts of the world. I plan to write more posts this year and hope to get more viewers. Another new feature planned in this blog are interviews. 2016 was just the beginning of my blog, with much more to come. I do hope the readers have enjoyed the posts of The S Blog.